"I first went to one of Di's clinics on a friend's recommendation when she taught at Twin Waters. I was immediately impressed by Di's welcoming and warm nature which made it all fun.

The other thing I really liked was that Di didn't try to turn me into the perfect golfer but was able to focus on some smaller important changes that really made a difference.

I have continued to have lessons with Di over the 20 or so years since we met and now regard her as a good friend as well as a bloody good coach."

Philip Robertson

"Within 30/45/60 minutes of a golf lesson with Di, after some insightfull observations and encouraging words,  my swing is flowing and the balls heading to the horizon.

No theory or unwieldy grips or postures just the believing words "90% of that swing is perfect Bill.....let's just see if we can improve on a few small points"

Later a quick visit to the (replay) screen to prove the point and I am hooked.

That's it........in this short time Di has connected with me, my psychic and my golf swing frailties. Insight that restores confidence and belief with simple changes and leaves one yearning for the next round.

If the truth be known Di has in these gentle, subliminal increments changed for the best 50% of game over a short time.

Ask Di how to learn to drive a ball 350 yards and most likely she will refer you to YouTube and tell you that she is fully booked for the next 6 months. Unrealistic dreams, financial marketing and bull shit are not part of Di's professional repertoire.

Di has to date dramatically improved, with these subliminal lessons, 50% of my starting "90% perfect swing".

A lesson with Di is without doubt the most rewarding and enjoyable part of my golfing journey.

Thank you Di. Only another 50% to go."

Bill Shields