"I feel honoured to have been asked to provide a testimonial for my longstanding golf coach and mentor Di Pavich.  I am very grateful to Di for her expertise in getting me started in golf and am very grateful for her ongoing encouragement in helping me to enjoy and love what is potentially a technically tricky and frustrating sport.

My background is in teaching and psychology so from those perspectives as well as my personal observations I provide the following comments.

Excellence in teaching and performance coaching

I initially commenced golf with Di in her “Girls into Golf” program in 2012 and have continued to seek her advice and attend lessons and clinics at various times since graduating from the program.    Technically, Di is able to cater for a very wide range of abilities with a very well organized program, a quick incisive analysis of individual needs and an ability to provide tailored instruction to everyone who participates in her clinics from novices to more accomplished players.

Quite simply Di is an excellent teacher.  She is able to make laser-like analyses of her trainees’ strengths and weaknesses and to target training points which will give maximum leverage.

Positive psychological approach

Not only are Di’s programs very well organized providing the best possible opportunities for learning, she is able to get the very best performance from her students of which they are capable, keep everyone’s spirits up and confidence boosted with encouragement and good humour.  Di notices the good points and accentuates the positives as well as addressing technical errors in an effective, kind, respectful and supportive manner.

I truly admire Di’s calm, cheerful, inclusive and supportive approach and her ability to sustain these qualities with all sorts of people under a variety of circumstances from individual to group training on the driving range, the putting green, the course and in very high tech teaching facilities.

Gratitude and personal recommendation

I am very grateful to Di for getting me started in golf and for her ongoing input as my skills have progressed over time and can personally recommend her to anyone who is interested in commencing golf and/or improving their game.

Di displays a very genuine interest and dedication to ensure that every golfer in her charge enjoys and develops a love of the game and continues to develop on a path of improvement to play the best game of golf of which they are capable.  I hold Di in the very highest esteem."

Ann Dykstra
Queensland College of Teachers Reg. No.  257990
Psychology Board of Australia Reg. No. PSY0000957128
Member of the Australian Psychological Society

"I have really enjoyed taking golf lessons with Di Pavich whose excellent reputation has spread far and wide.  I am a high handicapper and usually play competition once each week with a practise on the driving range and had been struggling with ‘an over the top swing’ which I had developed.

I started lessons with Di to improve my game and reduce my handicap.

Her personalised approach coupled with her professional expertise quickly enabled her to identify my main faults (techniques?) straight away.  I have already gained self-confidence and a greater understanding of the nuances of good golfing.  I have found Di to be a very clever and patient coach working on all aspects of my game including driving, chipping, putting bunker play (Di even kept her sense of humour when I showered her with sand in the bunker).

I would happily recommend Di to anyone who wishes to improve their game, her friendliness, patience and professionalism is something to be admired and to date I have already lost one stroke. "

Sincerely Kay Campbell

"I am a late learner in the wonderful world of golf. Since connecting with Di and committing to regular lessons my golf has improved and my handicap reduced significantly.

Di is a great golf coach and has an innate ability to work on the finer details that result in major improvements across a range of skills.

I would recommend Di as a golf coach to anyone who is interested in improving their golf and enjoying themselves on the golf course."


"I first went to one of Di's clinics on a friend's recommendation when she taught at Twin Waters. I was immediately impressed by Di's welcoming and warm nature which made it all fun.

The other thing I really liked was that Di didn't try to turn me into the perfect golfer but was able to focus on some smaller important changes that really made a difference.

I have continued to have lessons with Di over the 20 or so years since we met and now regard her as a good friend as well as a bloody good coach."

Philip Robertson

"Within 30/45/60 minutes of a golf lesson with Di, after some insightfull observations and encouraging words,  my swing is flowing and the balls heading to the horizon.

No theory or unwieldy grips or postures just the believing words "90% of that swing is perfect Bill.....let's just see if we can improve on a few small points"

Later a quick visit to the (replay) screen to prove the point and I am hooked.

That's it........in this short time Di has connected with me, my psychic and my golf swing frailties. Insight that restores confidence and belief with simple changes and leaves one yearning for the next round.

If the truth be known Di has in these gentle, subliminal increments changed for the best 50% of game over a short time.

Ask Di how to learn to drive a ball 350 yards and most likely she will refer you to YouTube and tell you that she is fully booked for the next 6 months. Unrealistic dreams, financial marketing and bull shit are not part of Di's professional repertoire.

Di has to date dramatically improved, with these subliminal lessons, 50% of my starting "90% perfect swing".

A lesson with Di is without doubt the most rewarding and enjoyable part of my golfing journey.

Thank you Di. Only another 50% to go."

Bill Shields

Hello Di,

Just a note to thank you for your help with my game.  I have never hit the ball better.  I am currently on my lowest handicap ever of 4.6.  Thank you for your help and guidance.

Keith McDermott