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Di Pavich has represented her state Victoria and Australia in junior and  senior teams winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Series. After a very successful amateur career, Di competed as a professional on the European, Asian and Australian tours.

Her teaching career spans 30 years. This includes writing over 30 golf articles for the Melbourne Age. Di was a golf coach at Twin Waters Golf Club for 10 years and has taught at Horton Park/Maroochy River for the past 14 years.  She has coached international teams and more recently the district junior development squad.

The experience of competing at the highest level has provided Di with the knowledge of what it takes to play under pressure.  She has also been coached by some of the legends of the game.

Di teaches the game of golf through a holistic approach to learning golf and performing on the golf course. This framework assesses and addresses the characteristics of golfers, their motivation and goals for the game, their equipment, motor learning and control concepts.

Di says to be a good golfer you require 4 factors. You must be technically, tactically, psychologically and physically sound. Di factors these fundamentals with the ultimate goal to improve your game.

Golf Tuition

Coaching for men, women and juniors of all ages.
From 4 to 80+. Golf has no age barrier.



45 Minutes - $95

One Hour - $110

Juniors 45 mins - $80


6 lessons for the cost of 5

6x 45 Minutes - $475

6x One Hour - $550


3x 45 Minute packages and a 2 Hour "On Course" Playing Lesson $399


Girls into Golf: $45.00 (1 off joining fee which includes a 45 min private lesson) + $30.00 per week (for more info click here)

Wednesday Casual Clinic: $30.00

What I offer in Coaching Technology

I utilise the Queensland Golf Performance Centre which has the latest technology and equipment to assist and accelerate the learning process.

We have 2 high speed cameras and the GASP system to analyse, compare and improve fundamental positions and motion. Lesson videos are sent to your pc as an e-book.

Trackman launch monitor provides data, measuring and tracking swing plane, club path, face angle, club speed, distance etc.

K Motion is a three/six dimensional software program analyzing the bio-mechanics of your golf swing.

Sam Putt Lab software analyses your putting stroke characteristics.



Contact Di

Coaching is conducted at the Maroochy River Golf Club in Bli Bli. Please use the form below to enquire or book.

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